How to fix the Passbook Error in iOS 6Since installing iOS 6 earlier today I’d been trying to access the new Passbook, but I kept getting an error message that it couldn’t connect to the iTunes server.

Here’s the fix:

1) Make sure Passbook is not loaded. If it’s loaded double-click the Home button, long hold the Passbook icon and tap the red X.

2) Click on the Settings button > General > Date & Time

3) Turn off “Set Automatically” and the “Set Date & Time” option appears.

4) Change the year to 2013.

5) Hit the button to go back to Date & Time.

6) Hit the Home button and open Passbook.

7) Click on the App Store button (this time it should connect).

8) Reset the date by going back into Date & Time and select “Set Automatically”.

This worked for me on an iPhone 4S. Hope it works for everybody else. 🙂

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